BlackBox For the Moon Gallery Project
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Website MoonGallery Martin Sjardijn

Virtual Reality Screenshot Moonlander Area with sculptures 2021
Exhibition at DunaAtelier with  Prints, Sculptures and drawings as content for the BlackBox Moon Gallery Project Katwijk 2020
Overview exhibition DunaAtelier during corona crisis: Prints, sculptures, drawings, mixed media, Virtual Reality, Moon Gallery project, Black Box 2021-2022

Animated WSP sculpture 1998 2010 13 - Weigtless Sculpture Project - Background NASA

Sat with Yellow Plane - Weigtless Sculpture Project 2021

Martin Sjardijn and Anne Borsboom working on the Elements VR installation for weightless Sculpture TU Delft

Study for interactive morphing woman 1998-2021, done in vrml and mend to be function in a multiuser world

BlackBox near the International Space Staton. Black Box is an artwork and part of the Moon Gallery Project 2021

Yellow Form - weightless sculpture 1986. One of the first 3D sculptures as prt of the Weightles Sculpture Project in front of the Canadian Robot Arm o the ISS 202-2021

Weightless Sculpture 2012 Interactive cube - programmed in VRML. Sculpture programmed in Virtual Rality Modeling Language Thegood old VR 3d code for Internet.

CubeSat + Weightless Sculpture as a A first study for a weightless Sculpture in a Cubesat 2003-2021

Rotating Cubes in Red, Yellow and Blue 1986-2021 with NASA backgrond ISS

Pulchri Opening Elements 2017. Exhibition Pulchri Studio Presenting Elements VR Installatio. 

 Martin Sjardijn test 'Elements' installation at TU Delft as the first construction of the 'Elements' Installation for Weightless Sculpture

Movie screenshot of 3 Cubes in Red, Yellow, and Blue in the Columbus Unit. A virtual reality model of the International Space Station with one of the first weightless Sculptures: 3 cubes in Red Yellow and Blue. VRML 2001.

Composition with Spheres 2008-2021

Virtual Groninger Museumas an interactive world with sculptures for BlackBox Project 2021-2022

Blue-Cyber Blue cyber 2011-2021  Computer animation with Nasa background Earth

Overzicht Weightless Scuptures 1985-2021

Weightless Sculpture 14 2012-2021

Weightless Sculpture 8 2010-2021