Virtual Reality Development

Try-out of the software we used for the Elements Virtual Reality Project. Demo of the software on a workbench with headsets and controlers we used for the Elements Virtual Reality Project on TU Delft music Bander van Ierland With thanks to the Mondrian Foundation. Video fragment by Jouke Verlinden music Bander van Ierland, video editing Martin Sjardijn 2000-2021

Playing with primitives for the Elements Installation. Getting used with the Virtual reality software at TU Delft with a mirrored installation in the early days of Virtual Reality. 2000-2021

Exploring the basic software for the Elements Project We used a menu and controller penn to create, copy and color the primitives  in the early days. 2000-2021

Gerwin testing the virtual reality headset. Building the Elements Installation at TU Delft with Gerwin developing the sotware en testing the headset 2005-2021

Tuning the hmd glove for Elements Installation 2005. The proper tuning of the virtual reality software by Gerwin at TU Delft 2005-2021
Construction of the "Elements" Virtual reality Installation at TU Delft Applied Sciences InsightLab with Anne Borsboom to develope a first Virtual Reality Installation to explore Weightless Sculpture. The video is done by Anne Borsboom, with thanks to te Mondrian Foundation.

Virtual Reality Screenshot Moonlander Area with sculptures 2020-2021for BlackBox Project.
Virtual Reality development for Elements TU Delft. Elements Project playing with the early development of a realtime sculpting editor by Gerwin de Haan in VR at TU Delft 2010. With thanks to subsidy Mondrian Foundation NL Development Elements Installation for virtual reality at TU Delft, trying dataglove with tactile feedback.

Pulchri Opening Elements 2017 Exhibition Pulchri Studio Presenting Elements VR Installation with Gerwin de Haan, Anne Borsboom, Jan Jansen  and Edy Korthals Altes. Some stills.

Project "While earth is done, we create in cyberspace" First development at TU Delft with Gerwin de Haan to realization of the Virtual Reality Elements Installation with thanks to the Mondrian Foundation 2005.
Interactive Virtual Groninger Museum, A virtual world of the Groninger Museum manipulating sculptures and paintings with virtual reality system HTC VIVE 2020-2021. This Virtual museum was commissioned by the Groninger Museum to be developed as an interactive museum in 2000-2005.